The 49 Day Cancer Cure

INTRO: To The 49 Day Cancer Cure

The book and this web site contains five basic sections.
The book is identical to the web site.
Read this first if you are tempted to skip ahead

1. The History
How and why this came to be

2. The Cure
The simple program that could cure cancer

3. The Total CO$T
Where to get the ingredients

4. Questions and Answers
Basic Q&A that you may have

5. Tips for Success
Advice that will help

I consider these five sections as five fingers on a hand, the healing hand of God.  I encourage you to read this entire book and read it in order.  Doing things in the proper order is a key to success in all areas of life.  I know that you will be tempted to skip ahead just to see what the cure actually is, but I urge you to resist that temptation.

Read this book in sequential order, section-by-section as it is written.  The link to the next section will be at the end of each section.  Don't skip around! Get the full background and basis for The 49 Day Cancer Cure first.  Get understanding first and then act.

How you read the book is the first test of obedience.  Great things come from obedience and compliance in small things.  First, you need the ability to follow the instructions in the small thing of simply reading this book in the correct order, page by page.

Remember, the Hand of God is upon YOU!

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