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Although it had taken years, that portion of the prophecy had also come true.  On one occasion, I was thinking about whom to bring for our annual revival.  My youngest brother James suggested that we needed a prophet.

"We still have never seen a prophet as gifted as Collins," he said.  "We've seen a lot but none like Collins."

"I don't even know where he is," I said.  Neither of us had seen or heard from him in 15 years.

Collins had affected James and his destiny with his words of prophecy; and to this day, James still marvels at those words spoken to him.

We determined that we would try to find Collins.

I checked with some other churches, and although many had heard of him and some had even had Collins perform revivals, no one had seen him in years and no one knew where he was.

"We need to find him," James insisted.

I hired a private detective.  Yes, I actually did.

The detective traced a man whom he thought could be Collins.  He gave me a last known address, which was a PO Box in Irondale, Alabama.  I wrote a letter and explained who I was and that if this was the Prophet Frederick Collins, I was someone whom he had prophesied to 15 years ago and his prophesy had come true.

I explained that I was looking for him to possibly conduct a revival for our church.  I left my address and phone number.

Two weeks went by and then there was a message on my voicemail.  "This is Prophet Collins, and yes, I am the one from 15 years ago."

I called and asked, "Are you still in the ministry?"  He was the ordained prophet in a rather large local church where he lived.  I explained that I wanted him to conduct the revival, and we made plans for it.  The revival was scheduled for late October 2000.

One week before the revival, I talked via phone to Collins to discuss the final details.  As we closed he said, "I see you on television all over the world.  You will be on television screens across the world, and it won't be long."

Worldwide television and it won't be long!!!  Was he crazy?  I had been on television for six years (four years as co-pastor and two years as a senior pastor), but I was on local cable television only.  I wasn't even televised out of the state; how in the world did he expect me to be worldwide in a short period of time?

I chalked that up to another ridiculous prophecy like his saying I would be a preacher and have a church.  The only problem with that was that, no matter how ridiculous it seemed at the time, everything else he said had come true.

That was in October 2000.  On Jan. 1, 2001, the first issue of
MountainWings was published. When Collins spoke the prophecy, I hadn't even thought of MountainWings.

It wasn't until months later and after I saw people subscribing to
MountainWings from around the world, that I realized the truth of the prophecy.  "I would be on television around the world."

MountainWings is read on a computer monitor.  A computer monitor is a high-resolution television!  Before the year was out, MountainWings was being read in over 100 countries and had over 100,000 subscribers.  It was a different type of television than I originally figured, but it was exactly as prophesied.

MountainWings.com is the largest inspirational E-mail in the world.  If someone had told me that in 2000, I would have thought it also among the impossible.

We now have a four-camera television video crew in the church, and we are actually planning to air on one of the major religious networks in the future.  They are broadcast in other countries, so the prophecy will soon be true for both interpretations.

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