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While Collins was at the revival, he told my brothers and me many things.  He told James that he would have more children than any of his brothers.  He said they would come quickly, and the next one would be here soon.

James had two children at the time; the youngest was still on the bottle.  Two of my brothers had five children already, so to fulfill the prophecy he would have to have six.  James didn't want six.  His wife went to get on the birth control method, the patch.  When she went to the doctor, they found out she was pregnant again.  James and his wife currently have six children and another on the way.  They've had seven pregnancies within their first ten years of marriage!

Try as they might, they couldn't stop the children. He preached a sermon called,
"Kicking Against The Pricks" that was about their attempts at birth control.

You can listen to
"Kicking Against the Pricks" at AirJesus.com.

Collins even told James that he was a minister.  We've all seen him shake with power each time he prays.  The next year after our revival I ordained James.

Appropriately enough, James and his wife Stephanie wrote the book,
"BedroomTALK - How To Turn Your Marriage Into A Lifelong Love Affair."

Collins also made one additional prophecy at the revival in October 2000.

He said, "There will be an airplane crash next year that will shake this nation...."  We all know what happened on September 11th of the next year.

So what in the world does all of this have to do with The 49 Day Cancer Cure?

I must explain at least a portion of this so that you will understand the background.  It may seem long, but not really.  You'll spend a lot more time in the waiting room for just one doctor's visit.

Collins also made several prophecies on me, two of which were again rather unbelievable.

He said first, "You will create a product that will do more in one year than your family's business and
your business have done in their history."

"Are you crazy?" I secretly thought... again.

My family's business is rather successful.  My father started it in 1947, so it has been around for a while.  Annual sales are approximately 30 million dollars, and I am the Executive Vice President.  My business, although not as large, is still a multimillion-dollar business and highly successful.  When I thought about all that both businesses had done in their history, the total was humongous.

I could hardly conceive the possibility of a product that will do more in ONE YEAR than both companies have done in their history?  What kind of craziness was that?

Although that was amazing in itself, what Collins said next was even MORE mind boggling.

Collins said, "You will discover a cure for cancer."  James was there as Collins said it.  We both looked at each other.  I could tell we both were thinking the same thing.

We were thinking, "This is crazy, but everything else Collins has said has come true in time."  It was both unbelievable, yet strangely believable because of Collins' track record.

That was in October 2000.

Both of those prophecies were rather amazing.  Both are difficult to believe.  Those prophecies remind me of Joseph and his dream.  When he told his brothers and parents, they didn't believe him either, but the Bible said his father kept it in the back of his mind. I was kind of like that.

Such things, especially the cancer cure, were beyond what I could even imagine. Just for the sake of making this as short as possible, I have to leave out a lot, but suffice it to say, I had a time coming to grips with the possibility of either of those, especially the cure.

As I talked with James, I said, "Suppose it was true, do you realize the danger I would face if I really did have a cure for cancer?  It would be similar to inventing a car that ran off of tap water or got 200 miles per gallon of gas.  Because of the serious economic impact in major industries, there was a good possibility you could be clandestinely eliminated."

Do such things happen?  I don't know for sure, but I recognized the possibility.  So even if I found a cure, getting it out might be highly risky.

Then again I thought, "Often the truly Divine things are kept hidden, and just because I discover it, doesn't mean many people will ever take advantage of the discovery." Too often, the masses, do not embrace truly great things nor, do they take advantage of the greatest possibilities in life, so I pushed it to the back of my mind. Yet, I did not discard it.

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