The following may seem to be a harsh list of questions.
You are right!

It separates those with faith from those without.  Divine things REQUIRE faith.  Even medical science acknowledges the power of faith through the placebo effect.  What you believe seriously affects the outcome.

It is not my normal inclination or desire to make things so harsh.  When I first wrote the details of The 49 Day Cancer Cure God spoke and said, "Make the introduction very harsh."  I assumed it was to weed out those who would neither believe nor obey.  This is serious!

This is a sort of pre-screening that you must ask yourself before even investing the small amount of time required to read this book.  So, here is an admittedly harsh set of seven pre-screening questions.

Don't bother reading the information on
The 49 Day Cancer Cure if you:

1. Don't believe that God still operates in the prophetic realm.

2. Don't believe that a Divine cure can be given for cancer.

3. Don't have the discipline to change for 49 days.

4. Won't invest a few minutes to read ALL of the information here.

5. Have already prejudged this as impossible.

6. Have given up and resigned to be burned (radiation), poisoned (chemo), or cut (surgery) and won't consider trying anything else.

7. Have no faith in God as a healer.

The 49 Day Cancer Cure is NOT for most people.
It's not that The 49 Day Cancer Cure won't work.  Rather, it's that most individuals will neither believe it nor follow it.  And there are those who won't even take the few minutes it requires to read all of the information.

A sad but quite true fact is that most will suffer greatly and eventually be conquered by cancer.  Cancer is now the #1 killer in America of people under 85.  It does not have to be so, but unfortunately with most, it will be so.

If after reading the above seven things and you are NOT in one or more of those categories then The 49 Day Miracle is for YOU.

First, you need to know how and why The 49 Day Cancer Cure came about.  Read the Origin/History of The 49 Day Cancer Cure, and then YOU decide.  Read the Questions/Answers section to answer your major questions.  Read the Tips for Success section to give you pointers on The 49 Day Cancer Cure.

IF you think that God wants you sick, IF you think that God can't cure you, IF you think there are no options other than to burn it out with radiation, poison it out with chemotherapy, or cut it out with surgery, then The 49 Day Cancer Cure is NOT for you or someone you care about.

IF you think differently... then start reading.

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