Answers to Basic Questions

Q: Will this cure cancer?
A: I make no guarantees about that.  I am just telling you the story as it happened.  You have virtually nothing to lose by trying it but everything to gain if you follow the directions and the cure works for you.

Q: Should I stop my medicine or medical treatments?
A: NO!!! Do what your doctor says!  Show your doctor The 49 Day Cancer Cure and ask if there is ANYTHING that your doctor thinks may interfere.  Nothing that God gave in the cure says that you can't continue with standard medical treatment.

Q: Can I modify it?
A: Sure you can, that's your choice.  You have the freedom to change anything, but don't ask me any questions about what you can or cannot change.  I didn't come up with this, I was only the vessel that it came through; therefore, since I don't fully understand it, I can't comment on either its mechanism or any changes.  I do advise you to follow the instructions to the letter with no deviations whatsoever.

Q: Do you get any benefit from this?
A: I am the founder and president of the company that makes Miracle 2000® and Miracle 2000® is in the regimen.  I am neither stupid nor unscrupulous enough to "cook this up."  I have too much to lose.

I am the editor of and the other websites.  I am the senior pastor of The Ark of Salvation in Atlanta.  You can hear hundreds of my sermons at absolutely FREE.  I don't make ANY money from MountainWings or as a pastor.

My sermons are available for FREE download.  You can even call the church at 1-800-7CHRIST and we send out FREE cassette tapes.  My book, QuickFasting is FREE for all to read at and has been for over nine years along with some of the other books at  I have a pretty solid track record of giving to help people and never a single incident of trying to rip people off.

Miracle 2000® may be included in the regimen simply because it may be the best full spectrum liquid nutritional for the purpose.  Although I have a chemistry degree, the formulation of Miracle 2000® was also divinely influenced.  Just go in any health food store and ask the people about it. If they carry Miracle 2000®, they will tell you.

Another major factor with Miracle 2000® that is different from other products is that it is ALWAYS prayed over and hands are laid on it before it leaves the plant.  Never underestimate the power of prayer.  More things are wrought by prayer than the world dreams of.  Prayer is an ingredient that can't be measured by any manmade instrument.

Q: Why is this information free?
A: Except for the books, everything that I do for God and people in ministry is at no charge to the people.
At the time that I decided to put The 49 Day Cancer Cure in a book, I had already written six books.  I have software that will format a Word file into a book ready format.  I had used that software with three other books.

As I formatted this book to be published, the software produced all types of errors.  I contacted the company that made the software and sent them a copy of the book file.  They confirmed the output errors but could neither understand it nor fix it.  I knew that was strange so in my morning prayer I finally asked God, "Am I supposed to put this in a book?"

"Yes," was the answer, "but you can't charge for it," He added.  I had a price of $9.95 on the book.  I had to go and remove the price and make sure that whenever I distributed the book, I couldn't charge for it.  As soon as I did that, I was able to adjust the file and output it fine.

Q: So how do I know this is not a scam?
A: You don't.  The really good scams are so convincing that you can't tell the difference.  When it's claimed to be spiritual, then you really can't tell.

There are 3 obvious possibilities:

#1 - It's a scam and I know it.
People are conned every day by the tens of thousands in everything from penis and breast enlargers to e-mail password scams.  It all sounds totally legitimate and appears to be backed up by either solid science or major corporations.  Unless you are familiar with the item, you often can't tell.  People are scammed daily by preachers and those claiming to represent God or spiritual things. 

If this is a scam and I know it, then everything I say is obviously to mislead you.  Look at the record.  If you conclude "yes," then chalk this up as a scam.

#2 - I think that it's real, but I am just deluded.
That's possible.  I won't be the first minister who has missed God's leading, and if that is the case, I won't be the last.

#3 - It's true.

Those are the three basic possibilities.  I know #1 is not true, and from my experience, I believe that #2 is not true.  I believe #3 with all of my heart, that The 49 Day Cancer Cure is true.  God has not led me wrong yet.  You will need to decide which is true.

If you can't discern between the three, then you need to ask yourself, "What's to risk or gain with either of the three?"

Q: Can I use an alternative to Miracle 2000®?
A: Of course you can; you can change anything, but when you do, it's NOT the same program.

Q: Will you be open to consulting me about my case?
A: Absolutely not!!!  I am NOT a doctor.  I have no medical training.  I am a chemist by education and a pastor, so I am not legally qualified to consult with anyone on a medical condition.  I don't even fully understand it, I just wrote it as God instructed me.  If you've got questions, get on your knees and ask the true Creator.

Q: Will this interfere with any medicine or treatments that I am taking?
A: I can't see how.  This is all natural, and everything in the program is basically a vitamin, mineral, or herb.  If it makes you more comfortable, you can ask your doctor before beginning the program.  I have no idea of the myriad of drugs and treatments that are used for cancer.  There might be a possibility that a nutrient might interfere with one of the drugs, but I really doubt it.

When I did research on supplements and chemotherapy, this is what I found.  Basically there is really no conclusive research on chemotherapy and supplements or whether supplements help or hinder chemotherapy treatments.

The only study that I could find was done in September 2004.  This is an excerpt from the study

"Supplementation with vitamins, especially vitamin E, has been recommended to decrease the toxicity of cancer drugs.  Much of the toxicity associated with chemotherapy is related to a decrease in cells that help fight infection, leaving victims susceptible to infection.  Those who reported taking a multivitamin or vitamin E supplement retained more of an important kind of infection-fighting cell than those not taking such supplements.  In contrast, women who said they took folate supplements lost more of those same cells than other participants.  Vitamin B-12 did not appear to affect the number of the infection-fighting cells, which are called neutrophils.  Neutrophils are white blood cells that help fight infections. Their ranks may be thinned as a side effect of chemotherapy."

Miracle 2000® is already one of the top nutritional products on the market and is in thousands of health food stores already.  There have been no negative side effects with Miracle 2000® from the thousands of users who take it for everyday health.

The other ingredients can also be found in any health food store.  To my knowledge, there is no problem with side effects of any of those either.
Of course, if your doctor has told you that you will die of cancer or that there is a very small chance of your being cured, there isn't much to lose by trying this, now is it?

Q: What about my regular routine? Does this mean that I can’t eat or drink anything but what’s in The Program?
A: No, The Program does not change anything that you were eating or doing EXCEPT for the two things that you eliminate.  You may want to eliminate or change things in your lifestyle as you are led to but The Program does not require it.

Q: Suppose I try this and it doesn't work?
A: Then what have you lost?  At worst, it will help nourish your body and you will have more energy.  Suppose it does work, that's the real question?  The problem with many spiritual and natural things is that people just won't be obedient and follow the directions.  Just make sure you follow the directions exactly for the FULL 49 days.

I understand the FDA's process for drug trials because all drugs have side effects and many don't work in actual clinical trials.

None of this is a drug.

I firmly believe this will help people.  At the very least, it will add great nutrition to the body, and great nutrition is good for just about everything.

Please don't ask me any questions nor make any comments... until 49 days later.

Only if this doesn't work for you or someone you know and they have followed the instruction TO THE LETTER for 49 days, then e-mail me, and you are free to bawl me out to no end.  But don't fuss and cuss until you have proven the program right or wrong.  To contact me, go to the contact page at

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