The Cost of The 49 Day Cancer Cure

What Will It Cost You?
ALL of these items can be found in your local health food store or ordered online.

1. Miracle 2000® Liquid Total Body Nutrition
Amount needed: 2 -32 oz. bottles.  At 1 oz. per day, you will use 49 ounces.  Cost: $30.00 per bottle plus tax.  If ordered directly from the manufacturer at, the cost is $30.00 per bottle plus $6.00 shipping.  Stores sell it for varying amounts, usually in the $18 to $30 range plus tax or online for as low as $18.  You will need two bottles.
Total: $36.00 to 66.00

2. Alfalfa
You can buy alfalfa in 500mg. capsules or tablets for $2 to $15 per bottle.  Each bottle will contain from 250 to 500 capsules or tablets.  You will need 10 capsules or tablets per day for 49 days for a total of 490 - 500mg. capsules or tablets.
Total: $2 to $15

3. Calcium
Amount needed: You will need 49,000 mg. of "elemental calcium."
Calcium in a solid form will be in a combined form such as Calcium Pyruvate, Calcium Carbonate, Tri Calcium Phosphate, Calcium Lactate, Calcium Citrate, Calcium Citrate Malate, and Coral Calcium.

The mg's dosage on the bottle is usually never the actual calcium content; it is the total of the calcium and what it is combined with.  Unless the calcium is in a liquid form, the actual calcium content will range from 20 to 40% of the total.  In liquid form it is usually the actual amount specified.

Look at the label to see the actual elemental calcium.  100% of the RDA is 1,000 mg. of "elemental" calcium.  1,000 mg. of calcium in the regimen means 1,000 mg. of elemental calcium, so make sure that you take enough to get 100% of the RDA daily.
Calcium ranges greatly in price.
Chewable calcium in 500 mg. tablets can be as low as $3 per 100-tablet bottle, and you would only need one bottle

Total: $3 to $47

4. Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5)
The smallest dosage that you can find of Pantothenic Acid is a 100 mg. tablet.  That means you will need to break the tablet in half for the specified amount.  I know the question is, "Well, why can't I just take the whole thing, wouldn't 100 mg. be better than 50 mg.?"  Follow the directions!  If it says 50 mg., then break the tablet in half and take just 50 mg.

You probably won't be able to find the 100 mg. tablet in most stores; you will probably have to order it online.  Stores usually carry higher dosages, such as 250mg. and 500mg. tablets or capsules.  You can use those, but you will need to break the tablet into smaller pieces or open the capsule and divide the powder appropriately.  Drugstores usually have tablet cutters or splitters for less than $5.00.

Pantothenic Acid is very inexpensive.  A 250-tablet or capsule bottle of 100mg. or 250mg. doses is $2 to $7. Look for the 100mg tablet online and you will only need to cut the tablet in half.

Total: 250-tablet or capsule bottle with shipping, $2 to $7

5. Water
You can drink any type of water, tap, distilled, de-ionized, purified, or spring water, just as long as it is water.  God did NOT specify what type of water.  The cost varies from zero for tap water to any amount you want to spend for the fanciest bottled water.  I would think distilled water would be best, but that's just my opinion.

Total: zero to whatever you want to spend on water

You might ask, "What type of alfalfa, calcium, or water do I need?"  That wasn't specified in my instructions, so I am not going to specify.  Use your best judgment or whatever is the most convenient.  The brand or type is not that important, but your obedience is.  Just follow the directions and don't worry about things that are not specified.  Follow the things that are specified to the letter.

Many health food stores will carry all of the needed ingredients.

You can get all of the ingredients from many online stores such as Amazon or Below are the items from

Miracle 2000 $18 each $36 total
Need 2 bottles for 49 days
Item #: ZS-1001/ 1310339

Alfalfa Tablets, 500mg, 250 Count $7@ $14 total
10 tablets per day - Need 2 bottles for 49 days
Item #: VS-1367/ 1046217

Solaray - Calcium Citrate, 1000mg, 120 capsules $11@ $22 total
4 capsules per day - Need two bottles for 42 days
Item #: SO-1057/ 1031511

Pantothenic Acid, 100mg, 100 Tablets $4
One half tablet per day - Need one bottle for 35 days
Item #: VS-1150/ 1038673

Total cost from the above source = $76

When placed in perspective, $76.00 is very little.

Believe; this is YOUR complete healing.

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