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The Origin and History of The 49 Day Cancer Cure

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The title "The 49 Day Cancer Cure" is a bold statement, but it is NOT a gimmick title.  If you have cancer, or care about someone who does, then please read all of this.  It will take you a few minutes to read these pages, but those few minutes could affect the rest of your life or the life of someone you care about.

I have to give you some of the details so that you will understand the foundation for this.  Bear with me, the point will become clear in the end.

My parents had six sons; I am the eldest.  One brother died a few years ago.  I wrote about that in a
MountainWings issue here:

Of the remaining five, four of us are ordained ministers.  The first one of us to go into the ministry was my younger brother.  He now pastors a very large church.  He began his ministry in my parents' home with a Thursday night Bible study.  He taught the home Bible study for 13 years.

The Bible study originally started with just my mother and her sons.  She wanted the Word solidly planted in her children.  Soon the neighbor's children started to come, and then other adults. Shortly after, the home Bible study had our living room packed with as many as fifty people on Thursday nights. So what does this have to do with The 49 Day Cancer cure?  Bear with me; I'm getting to it.

During one of the Bible studies, a guest came to speak.  He was a prophet.  His name was Prophet Frederick Collins. It was the first time that I had been exposed to prophecy on that level.  I was approximately 30 years old.

Collins stood up and talked.  Then he began to point people out and tell them things.

"Who is Henry?" he asked one lady.

Her mouth flew open.  We later found out that Henry was the man whom she was involved with and shouldn't have been. Collins had never seen the woman before and knew nothing about her in the natural world.  She then knew he was a real prophet.

"There is a single man in here, and you have a baby on the way."

Weeks later, one of the young men found out his girlfriend was pregnant and had been at the time of the prophecy.

Prophet Collins went around the room, and mouths flew open as he revealed current things and spoke future things.

He asked me to stand up.

"You are going to be a preacher and you will have a church, and be careful at stop signs and red lights," he said.

At the time, I was the lead singer in an R&B music group.  I had absolutely no inkling, desire, nor vision of going into the ministry.  I considered the prophecy preposterous.

Collins prophesied to each of my brothers except one, Darrow, my brother who died.

The next week as I was driving to work, I was stopped at a red light on Fulton Industrial Blvd.  I traveled this street each day to get to work.  The next turn would take me off the main street to the side street where the building that I worked was located.

In my rear view mirror, I noticed a truck approaching.  I heard brakes squeal then BAM!

I had a brown 1977 Datsun 280Z.  At a red light, less than one week after Collins spoke, a truck totaled my car.  Fortunately, I had on my seat belt and did not get so much as a headache or scratch.

I am a scientist, and I am pretty hard to convince on hard-to-prove things, but I had to admit, just as he was right about the things he saw in the lives of others, Collins was right about the "being careful at stop signs and red lights."

I still dismissed the preacher thing though.

FAST FORWARD: Fifteen years later I was senior pastor of The ARK of Salvation in Atlanta.

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